Providing rice

As one of the company capable of supplying rice largest in the South, Van Loi is a system of processing and rice milling scale modern warehouses distributing professional, can meet most as demand for the type and volume of raw rice for manufacturers such as wine production, animal feed, rice flour ..., supply goods for export units.

xuất hàng

The broken rice products by Van Loi Company supply of bulk purchasing to ensure competitive pricing, customer help partners to reduce production costs.

PropertyID cargo volume provide out market steadily will help quarter customers rest assured have production plan stable.

With a team of employee youthful enthusiastic, is equipped tri new formula and dig create post copies will advise and help put out the optimal solution to saving time and costs collected buy for quarter customers.

With vehicle fleet hero post-, experience logistics many years in the food industry should has affirmed capacity forwarder professional and timely with philosophy just printed thời gian will help quarter visitors cut costs inventory and ensure safety goods .

Flexible delivery methods:
- Sang chronic from ships into ships, from ship into barges, from ships up car
- Sang container at the port, CFS, ....
- Delivery is factory warehouse, loading and unloading with LILO, ....

Phuong wake flexible payment: Jump Clause, money face .....
Very pleased been cooperation!

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